Notice Board

  1. No School Leaving Certificate will be issued unless requested in writing by the parents and all the dues are cleared.
  2. Any pupil failing two years in succession in the same class will be struck off the rolls and will not be allowed to continue in the school.
  3. Students whose attendance is irregular, who do not pay their Fees, who are habitually late or absent, lazy or disobedient.

    and whose conduct is injurious to the moral tone of the school, whose sickness is liable to be infectious to other may be dismissed. Two general observations would amount to one General Remark which is a very serious breach of discipline and hence a deterrent to promotion or even dismissal from the school. An observation is given in case of minor breach.
  4. Discipline
    As a rule, students who are dismissed from the school are not re-admitted. The Principal's decision is final in all cases or dismissal.
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